Is your website one that just works or works well?

There is a difference.

You need something that isn’t mass-produced or ready-made. You need a website customized just for YOUR specific needs.

I am a freelance web designer and developer located near Charlottetown, PEI, who has partnered with clients all over Canada and the US. I have worked with companies in varying industries ranging from non-profits to finance to retail for 20+ years.

I believe in the power of clean design.

For any business, the most important job that your website has is to turn potential clients/customers into ACTUAL clients/customers. No matter how visually pleasing a website is, unless it functions well, that client/customer may not stay on your website long enough to achieve that goal.

I believe in the ease of simple structure.

When someone views a website, they expect to find your logo on the left or middle and a contact link in the top right. These are things that make finding your address or phone number a quick and painless event versus something that creates frustration.

I believe that big isn’t always better.

Sometimes you don’t need a full overhaul. Often making functionality and structural changes is what is needed to turn a website that isn’t working into one that is a perfect asset to your business. If you love your website design but not the way it works, I can help with that.

I believe that you know your business best.

Many will tell you that designing for your clients/customers is the only way to go. I believe that as a business owner, you are your BEST promoter. When you love your website, you will show it off to as many people as you can. So spending the time to find out what you envision your website to become, allows me to find that sweet spot where you meet your client/customer in the middle.